Lead Generation Sessions

Never Lose a Post-It Note Again

So....you meet someone at the grocery store, baseball game, PTA meeting, happy hour, etc and find a post it note, back of your business card or a scrap of paper to get their contact info.  The lead is interested in talking to you.  Only problem...you lost the note only to find it three months later the floor mat of your car.  Sound familiar??  Well, it's typical for sales people to have "lost leads".    How many leads did you LOSE last year?  This class will show you a simple program for how to make sure that you keep ALL the leads you work so hard to get!  No more LOST LEADS!!!

101 Lead Generation Ideas

If you owned a pizzeria and made THE BEST Pizza in town....and no one ever bought a pizza from you...you would be out of business.  Most entrepreneurs are excellent at knowing their craft and not knowing how to attract business.  The term "lead generation" is packed with guilt, pressure, scripts and anxiety.  No wonder most Realtors will do anything to avoid it!  101 Lead Generation Ideas is a fun, interactive and motivating class to show you how there are dozens of opportunities to bring new clients to your business.  Bring a friend that is an entrepreneur!  This class is applicable to any entrepreneur looking to grow their business.  Remember...your business is Real Estate, but your JOB is lead generation.  Come to my class to learn how to lead generate without the guilt!

Lead Generation Based on One Lead Per Day

Leads are the life blood of our business.  How do you define a Lead?  Is the idea of "lead generation" make your skin crawl?  What if I could show you how to focus your business plan around just getting One Lead Per Day?  If One Lead could make your business successful and profitable, wouldn't you do it?  Let me show you a plan on how to stay focused by keeping it simple!!

Leverage Technology to get Face to Face

If you look up use Google, look up property for showings online and use email, you are “techie” enough for this class!  Three proven technology tools for getting listings, capturing leads and staying in touch with past clients will be highlighted.  Technology is great when it creates efficiencies and deepens our relationships. This class takes the mystery out of technology!

Market Like a Pro...(Back to Basics)

Well...it is the world's oldest profession!  This back to basics marketing class is designed to take simple "old school" marketing basics and make it fun, edgy and interactive.  Most of the marketing strategies are tried and true AND often need to be relearned.  the name get people in the door, the content teaches them how to have fun while learning simple marketing strategies.  Why re-invent the wheel?  Learn from a Pro...!

Goal Setting:  Whatever I ask of LIFE, I WILL Get!

What do YOU want?  Money is good for the good it can do.  What good do you want money to do for you or priorities that are important to you?  Goal setting is much more than a number on a wall.  Goal setting is about a mindset, a dream and a plan.   "Whatever I ask of life I will get" has on my refrigerator for almost ten years.  The power of the mind, a plan, a vision and commitment all tied together is unstoppable.  During this class we will uncover what is your motivation and why your goals are important to you.  Be prepared to be a little vulnerable with me, as I will be with you.  Goal setting for your year, your business and your life.  Don't miss it!


Be the Open House BOSS!

(Best Open House Sales System)

Do you HATE Open Houses?? 

Most agents hate open houses because they are boring.  What if we turned a proven, successful lead generation system into something fun?  The Best Open House Sales System will show you how to make Open Houses FUN!!  Make every Open House a party and leads will continue to flow into your business while you are having fun.  Learn planning, set up, scripts, follow up and FUN factor in a simple and easy Sales System!

Time Blocking

(For agents and leaders


"I got into Real Estate for the flexible schedule!  Little did I know that it would be 24/7!"  This sound familiar?  I hear it all the time and I think it is wrong. Can you run a real estate business 20 hours a week?  It depends on your goals.  Can you run a real estate business without working on the weekends?  People do and I can show you how.  What is important to me is what do YOU want?  Time blocking is a tool that I have used for over 20 years to schedule my priorities.  It is not time management, but Priority Management!!  Let me help you learn scripts, learn how to prioritize, learn how to say No when appropriate.  I've been there, I get it, and now let me show you how to get your sanity back to your life.


The services offered are designed to provide an engaging team development session based on the 5 Dysfunctions and The Advantage models, developed by bestselling author Patrick Lencioni. There will be an emphasis on tangible application for the immediate team as well as the team or project each participant leads.

  • Facilitation of team session

  • Incorporation of a web-based team assessment

  • Incorporation of the DISC Personalities & Behavioral Analysis

  • Pre-meeting preparation and planning sessions

  • Follow-up debriefing session with team leader.


  • Overview: Build a business case for team cohesion and identify the universal obstacles to effective teamwork.

  • Team Assessment Discussion

    • Assess current strengths and weaknesses of the team.

  • Overcoming The Five Dysfunctions

    • Train participants in the behaviors to establish trust, promote debate, assure commitment, and promote accountability and results.

  • Building Trust (Real Time)

    • Participants will use personal histories and DiSC Behavioral Assessment to identify and overcome common misassumptions about one another. Participants will experience a deeper level of trust as they reveal their own (and listen to other’s) personality and behavior patterns.

  • Conflict Profiling and Norms

    • Participants will discover one another’s conflict styles and learn how to establish conflict norms to ensure conflict remains productive.

  • Thematic Goal Discussion

    • Participants will establish a rallying cry (i.e. an overarching, unifying priority) for their team.

  • Effective Meetings Model

    • Participants will be trained to use a meeting structure that ensures accountability for key initiatives as well as proper behavior.

  • Accountability

    • Participants will give one another live feedback on behaviors that help and hinder their respective teams.

  • Wrap up/ Follow up

    • To ensure continuity of cohesion going forward, each participant will commit to a specific behavior change.


  • Based on the book by Patrick Lencioni, The Advantage Model

    • “Organizational health will one day surpass all other disciplines in business as the greatest opportunity for improvement and competitive advantage.”

  • In order to achieve improvement an organization must attack the root causes of politics, confusion, and dysfunction. 

  • Learn the secrets to better time management and communication 

  • Emphasizing on 4 disciplines for successful businesses

    • Build a cohesive leadership

    • Create Clarity

    • Over-communicate Clarity

    • Reinforce Clarity