When I was young my Mom was a Substitute Teacher for Catholic schools.  I was the oldest of two girls raised in a tight knit Irish and Italian household. This is important, because the cultural attributes my parents instilled in me, really IS who I am.  My first name is Irish and my last name is Italian.  This just means I prefer a loud fight!  Occasionally I wish I could turn down the volume, so to speak, but those times are rare, and they are SOOOOO worth the positives I have experienced.  Sometimes I am loud, brash, and possibly too honest. I talk with my hands and use grand gestures, all of that is true.  True to my ancestry, I am passionately romantic about it, which has helped me in a sales career.

My whole professional life has been in the worlds of business development, building teams and increasing revenue.  I have been fortunate enough to have worked with some of the most prestigious and well-known business developers in the country, such as Gary Keller and Todd Duncan, not to mention the dozens of colleagues at the companies that I have collaborated with and learned so much from over the years.

My skills, training and experience attracted dozens of requests for coaching, consulting, public speaking over the years.  It seemed that the world was sending me a message. It wasn’t the burning bush that Moses got or direct message from a vision of an angel that Joseph and Mary received, but none the less, it was a clear message.  That message was to start my own Business Development Consulting Company, Capisce Consulting!

I wanted to share with you my story, if you are so interested, because if you, your employer or a colleague need to generate more sales or help build a team, I can help. I would like for you to consider having a detailed discussion with me on successful strategies to build the business.  In order for you to feel comfortable referring me, I would like to share my story.  Some of this story you may already know, some you may not.  Here it is…


My Mother, worked at Saint Mary’s College for ten years, helping elementary school teachers obtain their Teaching Credential. My Dad was a technology guru, working in computer programming since the late 1960’s, well before the SF Bay Area became the technology capital of the world. In our house, my Mom was a “Super Catholic,” creating a warm and welcoming environment for our family and guests, while my Dad handled the business side of our household, overseeing the finances and paying the bills.

My Mom was my best friend.  She and I could have four or five different conversations at once and be perfectly in sync. It drove my Dad and sister, Karolyn crazy.  Mom died way too young at 54.  She taught and parented with a lot of one liners, as do I.  As a way to memorialize Mom’s “one-liners” I wrote and published my first book Fortune Cookie Leadership. This book is a series of 52 motivational one-liners with brief explanations that provide personal and professional motivation. These meaningful snippets are a style of thinking that I received from my mother, passed to my own children and now to the public at large.

Anyway, back to my story . . . 


I was a Catholic School girl from elementary through college. This is where I found my first passion, Sales.  While going door to door for fundraisers in first grade, I developed an infatuation for the competition that it took to be successful, and built upon that ambition for the rest of my academic career.  I was a top student.  I excelled at school fundraisers and co-curricular organizations. I wanted to be the best at whatever I did, and I still do! 

Even though I loved being a top fundraiser at school, I had no idea that I could make a living doing sales. Then, when I was ten years old, my dad was working for a startup technology company.  He had a friend visit our house that was a corporate sales representative. As soon as I met her, I admired her professional appearance and outgoing attitude, and I knew that was it!  I wanted to be a corporate saleswoman when I grew up. 

While other kids my age were playing cops and robbers, or house, I got my first dress suit and briefcase!  I was hooked!

After elementary and high school, I enrolled at Santa Clara University, which was a family tradition.  My grandfather graduated from there, and my Mom was the in the first class of women at SCU.  Naturally, I obtained a business degree, specializing in marketing, because I knew that would be the best route to my future career in Sales.

When I graduated from Santa Clara, I fulfilled my destiny and joined the world of corporate sales, working for several large companies including ADP, Abbott Laboratories and Santa Clara University. I remained ambitious and goal focused, excelling rapidly up the ranks.  My personal life was also thriving during my time in corporate America.  I got married and welcomed three beautiful children into the world. Becoming a mother had such an impact on me that I started to find it challenging to balance the time demands that were required to balance my professional and family life, so as much as I adored my work, I decided that I needed a change.

I explored multiple options for a change in professional direction, then I decided that real estate would be a great fit for my outgoing personality and sales ambition.  It would also allow me a more flexible schedule to be a hands-on mother.  I earned my real estate license in 2004, and it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made!

I spent the first year and a half in real estate working with a partner.  It was during this time that I learned another one of my passions, Training.  I love to teach people, like my mother did.  While my personality, background, and motivation were a perfect fit for sales, these traits were also extremely useful with teaching others what it takes to be successful in their own careers.  I was continuously being asked to provide sales training because of my corporate experience. Shortly after I was hired as a Manager and Team Leader with Keller Williams Realty.  In 2008 I trained over twenty-five thousand agents while on a national tour with Gary Keller and Dave Jenks. This experience taught me that I also had a true passion for the stage and public speaking.

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Now that I am back on my feet and moving forward, I see the clearly the path in front of me.  I am engaged to a wonderful man, Chuck, who supports me in my passion.  My children are now teenagers and it is a joy to see the young adults that they have become.  I continue speaking publicly about the importance of sales and leadership.  I am never more confident and comfortable than I am with a microphone in my hand, teaching large groups of people how to be more successful in their careers.  I love helping people learn to be their best selves.  So much so, that I started my own Business Development Consulting Firm, Capisce Consulting to work with entrepreneurs and sales teams. 

Starting my own company has allowed me to combine my experience and passion for training, speaking, and writing to assist people with finding personal and professional success! I feel so lucky and blessed to be find this path, and I would love nothing more than to lend my knowledge and experience toward helping you with your team and company!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me. When you or someone you know is in need a professional trainer or public speaker, I hope you give me the opportunity to help!



Katey Dalosto


CalBRE #01463627

(925) 989-1332


I continued doing double duty as a Manager of a large Real Estate office and sales training consultant for the next four years.  In 2012 I was hired at Prospect Mortgage, now HomeBridge Financial Services, a loan services company, to teach loan officers how to better collaborate with Realtors and Builders.  In this role, I speak publicly about sales and leadership strategies, which are the foundation of any successful business. Despite the fact that these factors are so imperative to a thriving business, many agents are not formally or properly trained in sales or leadership, so that’s where I can help!

While my professional career has thrived, my personal life has not been all success and winning. Twenty years ago, my mother, who was also my best friend, passed away while I was pregnant with her first grandchild. The tragedy of her death shook me to my core. Despite losing her physical presence, I still carry with me every day the examples of warmth, compassion, and graciousness that she provided to me for my entire life.

Then, almost ten years ago, I faced a divorce, which was a staggering experience, leaving me without direction for the first time in my life. It took me nearly three years to recover from that turbulent period. I faced some very confusing, challenging, and painful times, and survived.  I am now so much stronger because of it.  I am better at sales.  I am a better leader.  I am a better partner, friend and parent.